Tis the Podcast

Hosted ByAnthony Caruso, Julia Colburn, and Thom Crowe

A podcast that's dedicated to helping you keep the spirit of Christmas alive 365 days a year!

Tis the Podcast is a podcast that is dedicated to keeping the spirit of Christmas alive 365 days a year. Every week, the Tis the Podcast elves (Anthony, Julia, and Thom) come together to discuss a different Christmas movie. Throughout the podcast they rate, review, and share their histories of the movie and then add it to the Naughty and Nice list, ranked in order, from their favorite to least favorite movie.

For over three years now, the elves at Tis the Podcast have discussed great Christmas classics like Elf, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Muppet Christmas Carol, and the Santa Clause, the Office Christmas Episodes, Rankin Bass claymation movies, TV Specials, and even some abysmal movies like Kirk Cameron Saving Christmas,  Star Wars Holiday Special, and All American Christmas Carol. Tune in each week for another Christmas adventure.

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Henri Was There Too.

This week, the Christmas elves trudge through the first completely foreign...