Just in Time for the Holidays, a New Holiday Podcast Network Launches


 A group of holiday-themed podcasts come together to create a home for holiday audio entertainment

Ten independent podcasters who share a love of all things Christmas have been working for months to launch a new home for holiday entertainment with The Christmas Podcast Network. “Christmas entertainment has moved into the 21st century, coming straight to your phones as podcasts,” says Christmas Podcast Network co-founder Thom Crowe. “As podcasts continue their steady increase in popularity, Christmas podcasts are coming into their own. You won’t typically find happy carolers or feel-good stories of families coming together, but instead, you’ll learn something new about things you love, find some sprinklings of snark, and potentially have to turn the volume down at work because of an unexpected NSFW warning.”

“We set out to create the Radiotopiaof Christmas Podcasts,” says network co-founder and host of Christmas Past Brian Earl.  Christmas Past, Tis the Podcast, Can’t Wait for Christmas, Weird Christmas, Tinsel Tunes, Christmas Creeps, Hall Mark & Jess, Advent Calendar House, Deck the Hallmark, and It’s a 90’s Christmas are the initial launch partner podcasters with the expectation of the network growing as the popularity of holiday-themed podcasting increases. Listeners will find podcasts devoted to Christmas history, holiday comedy, Christmas films, holiday music, beloved season specials, the Christmas releases of Hallmark movies, and much more.

As these hosts take the next step the ever-evolving tradition of holiday entertainment through podcasting, light the fire, grab a cup of cocoa, sit back, and enjoy great content from these shows.