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Tis the Podcast: Santa Claus Does Exist and He Exists in the person of Kris Kringle

Happy last week of November, Christmas fanatics! We hope you all had wonderful Thanksgiving weekends!

This week, to help ease you back into a full week of work, the elves discuss the beloved 1994 Christmas Classic, Miracle on 34th Street.
Join Julia, Thom, and Anthony as they make a return trip to New York at
Christmas and gush over Richard Attenborough’s portrayal of Kris
Kringle, who definitely has one of the best Santa scenes in cinematic
history. So settle in with your favorite holiday beverage to listen to
this fun, wide-ranging discussion, which also includes the debut of “The
Laws of Tis the Podcast”, as written by Reddit User Disco54.

For those of you who normally listen with small kids, though, be
warned! Some harsh truths about jolly old Saint Nicholas are brought up
in this conversation, so you may want to wait until you’re alone to tune

Tis the Podcast: It’s Turbo Time!

We’re sticking with our “Christmas Classics” this week as the elves discuss the 1996 Arnold Schwartzenager movie, Jingle All the Way.
Julia, Anthony, and Thom discuss this movie, Sinbad the Entertainer,
Black Friday mayhem, what they miss from bygone Christmases, and much
more. Cozy in up in that favorite chair, next to your tree, which is now
doubt lit already, and enjoy!

Tis the Podcast: Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animal

Our two months of “Christmas Classics” continues this week, as the elves revisit the Home Alone franchise (for the first time since the podcast’s third episode!) and cover Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.
Julia, Thom, and Anthony join Kevin McCallister as he takes a holiday
journey into the New York City of Christmases past – back when airline
travel was still lax, the World Trade Center was still standing,
Manhattan was much scarier in the dead of night, and before Donald Trump
moved into the White House and owned The Plaza instead. The hosts are
absolutely giddy in this episode as they discuss this quintessential
holiday romp and it shows in their wide-ranging conversation, which
includes some hilarious impressions and a plethora of favorite quotes
and scenes (more than we’ve had in a long time!) amongst many other
things. In addition, quirky, odd, and weird things that remind us of the
holiday season are discussed!

With the weather outside getting frightful, and the fire inside being
so delightful, settle down in front of it with your favorite Christmas
beverage, relax, and enjoy – trust us when we say, this is an episode
you do not want to miss! 

Tis the Podcast: It Was A Year Without A Santa Claus, The Worst We’ve Ever Had!

Happy November, Christmas Fanatics! We are officially in the Christmas season (Finally!), so if you haven’t decorated yet or started your shopping, you better get on it!

To celebrate the holiday season finally being upon us, Julia, Thom, and Anthony kick off two straight months of “Christmas Classics” with a return to the world of Rankin/Bass by covering 1974’s The Year Without a Santa Claus! Will the hosts hold this annual staple in a higher regard than they have other Rankin/Bass productions, or will even the memorable and iconic Miser Brothers be unable to save this special?

In addition, this episode also features two big announcements: the launch of The Christmas Podcast Network and the start of another giveaway contest!

So grab a cup of hot chocolate, settle into a cozy armchair beside your Christmas tree, and enjoy, because this is definitely a show you do not want to miss!

Tis the Podcast: The Great Halloween Crossover

This very special episode is 1/2 of a Christmas crossover partnership with our friends at Christmas Past.
In this episode, the elves are visited by Dr. Tara Aveilhe to discuss
the history of Christmas ghost stories and the inspiration behind
Charles Dickens’ iconic novella, A Christmas Carol. Be sure to check out the very special episode of Christmas Past and hear Julia and Anthony talk about the Geroge C Scott film adaptation of A Christmas Carol.

Tis the Podcast: You Fudging Touch Me Again, I’ll Fudging Kill You!

Happy Halloween, Christmas fanatics! Spooky month draws to a close this week, as the elves discuss Season 3, Episode 8 of the television show, Supernatural, entitled “A Very Supernatural Christmas”! Joining their conversation is special guest Joanna Wilson, of ChristmasTVHistory.com amongst many other things. Much like the Winchesters’ classic 1967 Chevy Impala takes them to many unexpected places, talking about the brothers’ hunt for an “Anti-Claus” this week steers the discussion to down many different, lively avenues as well – from The X-Files to Fruitcake to The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy to Rankin/Bass’ different versions of Santa Claus. Also revealed this week are the foreign Christmas traditions that the elves would like to see make their way over to America. So settle in with your favorite holiday beverage, relax, and enjoy this episode; it’s definitely one you do not want to miss! Also, get excited, because next week we kick off two straight months of Christmas Classics!

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Tis the Podcast: Listen, Scrooge!

This week, Tim Babb of “Can’t Wait For Christmas” podcast joins Julia, Thom, and Anthony to discuss the 1983 Disney classic, Mickey’s Christmas Carol! Amid all of the laughs and behind-the-scenes trivia in this episode, there’s a lot of love for this film to go around amongst all of the hosts, but is it enough to shake up the top of our Christmas Canon List? Throw open the windows and let in that Fall breeze (we’re officially there!), settle in with a cup of hot chocolate, and enjoy!

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