A network of independent podcasts with a shared (and somewhat unhealthy) love of all things Christmas.

Our Team

Learn about those who are working hard to bring together the Christmas podcasting world in one place

Brian Earl

Christmas Past

In 2016, Brian asked the question, "What would it sound like if NPR had a Christmas podcast?" Three years later, and here we are.

Thom Crowe

Tis the Podcast

After a fortunate meeting with Tis the Podcast co-host Anthony on Reddit, Thom's love of Christmas went digital. Connecting with others in the Christmas podcasting community has become a passion.

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Our partners help us produce great holiday content to you.

Who We Are

During the 2017 Christmas season, a small group of podcasters with a love of Christmas came together to share the Christmas tale The House of Seven Santas. From that, new friendships were made and a shared love of what they were all doing led to the creation of the Christmas Podcast Network.

Our Shows

These great shows make up our network.

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