30 Rock: Leap Day

How do you do, fellow holiday special enthusiasts? The Advent Calendar House has emerged from its slumber in the Mariana Trench a few months early for an important visit to the “30 Rock” universe and its celebration of “Leap Day.” As such, nothing that happens in this episode counts, and we’re just your imaginary friends whom no one else can hear.

On This Episode

  1. Mike Westfall (@fallwestmike), always coughing up blood, which may or may not be an immortal half-man, half-sea monster trying to get out.
  2. Joey O. (@ImGonnaDJ24), who did an Internet and now the computers like him, and Wall Street is Google, from Y-Not Radio and Words With Nerds.

Topics and Tangents

  1. Steve Buscemi, whose name I mispronounce right out of the gate, quotes himself at the 2020 Screen Actors’ Guild Awards.
  2. Steve Buscemi as “The Madder Hatter” on “Saturday Night Live” in 1998.
  3. Film School Rejects’ ranking of every “30 Rock” episode.
  4. Jane Krakowski as the Ghost of Christmas Past to Kelsey Grammer’s Scrooge in the 2004 adaptation of “A Christmas Carol: The Musical.”
  5. I get excited that Zack Ward from “A Christmas Story” followed @adventcalhouse on Twitter.
  6. James Cameron is one of a very, very small group of people who have reached the deepest point in the ocean, at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.
  7. A very unscientific look into how many times it would take to order everything on the Benihana menu to use an entire $50,000 gift card.
  8. Of course, there’s a Getty Image of Tina Fey posing with the Ewok behind glass.
  9. Thad Warmald, the poor man’s Artie Ziff.
  10. Both human leads from the “Sonic the Hedgehog” movie are in this episode.
  11. Kevin Brown’s Wikipedia entry calls him “Kevin ‘Dot Com’ Brown” right at the beginning.
  12. Guest star Karolína Kurková was almost a Leap Day baby; she was born February 28, 1984.
  13. Tracy’s word association game that gets to “soup kitcken,” but keeps going before looping back around again reminds us of a similar bit from the 1966 “Batman” movie.
  14. A very, very quick look at the Irish Leap Day tradition of women proposing to men, as seen in the 2010 Amy Adams movie “Leap Year,” which couldn’t even be bothered coming out on a leap year.
  15. As an extra bonus mini-episode at the end of this one, Joey quickly sums up the Leap Day episode of “Frasier” from 1996, “Look Before You Leap.”

“30 Rock” ©2006 and “Leap Day” ©2012 NBCUniversal Media, LLC.

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