Ziggy’s Gift

Take a short-statured trip back to 1982 to explore the one-off TV Christmas special, “Ziggy’s Gift,” starring no one’s favorite funny papers hero and featuring a beautifully animated puddle of dog pee.

On This Episode

  1. Mike Westfall (@fallwestmike), 2 heads shorter than everyone else in his universe.
  2. Chad Young (@horrormoviebbq) from the Horror Movie BBQ.

Topics and Tangents

  1. “Ziggy’s Gift” on Dinosaur Dracula After Dark.
  2. The Point,” a Harry Nilsson album turned into an animated movie.
  3. Ziggy’s toothpaste looks like Beetlejuice sandworms.
  4. Ziggy Theories: Is he adult Charlie Brown? A vegetarian? A guardian angel?
  5. The time Chad met Billy West, who stood on a chair because he thought Chad was too tall.
  6. The time I inquired about a job opportunity that wasn’t what I expected.
  7. The terrifying robot Santa window display reminded me a little too much of the equally terrifying “Raggedy Ann and Andy: A Musical Adventure.”
  8. Frank Welker voiced 25 characters in this special if you count each individual turkey.
  9. Ziggy’s kettle has “the Glow” from “The Last Dragon.”
  10. We compare the “Linus moment” trope of remembering the true meaning of Christmas to the newly named “Skeletor face turn” of becoming filled with Christmas spirit.

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“Ziggy’s Gift” ©1982 Universal Press Syndicate.

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