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A salute to all TV holiday specials, but mostly the Christmas ones.

Advent Calendar House: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – We Wish You a Turtle Christmas

Day 22: We unearth a 1994 cash-grab video starring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles — or at least some version of them — We Wish You a Turtle Christmas, a special so low-quality, it happens in a sewer.

Ninja Turtle Michelangelo sings operatically in front of a Christmas tree in Times Square.

On this episode

Topics and tangents

  • About the Sewer Den, Jonathan’s massive TMNT collection.
  • Of course we touch on the Turtles’ Coming Out of Their Shells Tour.
  • The Turtles’ smiles look like they’re from Soundgarden’s Black Hole Sun music video.
  • Cash-grab video releases like this anime version of The Little Mermaid from 1975, which had a not-at-all-coincidental resurgence around 1990.
  • Writer Tish Rabe also produced Big Bird in China and 3-2-1 Conact, created The Cat in the Hat Learning Library after Dr. Seuss’s death, and has written over 160 children’s books.
  • Y’all want to watch 43 minutes of the Ninja Turtles on Oprah?
  • That time a warehouse that housed the Rock-afire Explosion actually exploded.
  • The resurgence of Rollerblades is right around the corner.
  • The only pizza place willing to appear in this special is Sbarro, which has come a long way since the Fat Boys’ All You Can Eat.
  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Cookbook is a real book you should own.
  • The cheapest gifts we’ve ever gotten our parents from our elementary school Christmas bazaar.
  • A fun game: Sneak Wrap Rap on a playlist in the middle of New Kids on the Block’s Christmas album and see if anyone notices.

After this episode

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