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A salute to all TV holiday specials, but mostly the Christmas ones.

Advent Calendar House: Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas

Day 20: Disney’s Fab Five — and Daisy, who for some reason isn’t as important as the dog — enter the third dimension in the 2004 direct-to-DVD special, Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas.

Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck as rival figure skaters.

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Topics and tangents

  • If you haven’t been to a Disney theme park in the last year or two, Mickey has a different face now.
  • The hippo and crocodile from Fantasia have names, because of course they have names.
  • Chuck McCann, the voice of Santa, was the Dreamfinder, so here’s the original Journey into Imagination.
  • A quick lesson on how time zones work.
  • Putting someone’s name on Santa’s list makes it as absolute as the Goblet of Fire.
  • One of parenting’s greatest benefits: Embarrassing your kids when they bring home love interests.
  • Making snow angels in popcorn on the roof is now on my bucket list.
  • The Grumpy Dog who keeps showing up only to get beverages spilled on him is the Stan Lee of the Mickey Mouse universe, which I only mention because we recorded this the day after Stan died.
  • Between the Goofys and the Plutos of this universe, there are talking reindeer who can own pets.
  • Shout-out to Hidden Mickeys podcast.
  • Tired: Putting out carrots for Santa’s reindeer. Wired: “Finding” reindeer poop in the yard.

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