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Christmas Creeps is dedicated to keeping the Christmas spirit alive year-round through the magic of terrible holiday movies.

Christmas Creeps: Futurama – “Xmas Story”

We’re back to kick off the holidays in style! If you’re unfamiliar with Stocking Stuffers, it’s the pint-sized sister podcast to Christmas Creeps where we discuss holiday episodes of your favorite TV shows. As opposed to our regular episodes, we try to keep these shows PG-13. Appropriate for prime time, ya know?

This week, we’re bringing you a Stocking Stuffer on Johnny-5’s favorite TV show: Futurama! Join us as Joe, J5 and Karyn discuss season two’s “Xmas Story”, in which Fry, Leela and the rest of the Planet Express crew must survive another Xmas and escape the judgmental gaze of Robot Santa! Also in this episode, we learn about the pronunciation of “Xmas”, why a particular parrot sounds so much like a monkey, and how Santa became an avatar for evil.


  • “Xmas Story” is streaming on Hulu
  • Stay tuned for two more episodes to round out 2018!

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