The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus

Day 5: Rankin/Bass goes off the rails in its last-ever stop motion animated Christmas special, 1985’s “The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus,” based on the 1902 book by “Wizard of Oz” author L. Frank Baum, which explains a lot.

On This Episode

  1. Mike Westfall (@fallwestmike), lord of the Sound Imps.
  2. Paxton Holley (@paxtonholley), grand protector of movie novelizations from the Cavalcade of Awesome, I Read Movies, Nerd Lunch, the Cult Film Club, and Hellbent for Letterbox.
  3. Brandon Medley (@brandmed) master beardsman of Blessed are the Geek.

Topics and Tangents

  1. Santa Claus’s growth to manhood, from J.D. Roth to Mumm-ra, and the rest of the Thundercats cast is here, too!
  2. Read L. Frank Baum’s original book on the Internet Archive:
  3. Pax’s review of the Baum book and “Road to Oz,” which also features Santa.
  4. Baum’s sequel story, “A Kidnapped Santa Claus.”
  5. King Awgwa looks like My Pet Monster. Change my mind!
  6. The Most Pagan Christmas Special You Will Ever See,” by Bayou Babylon on Fit for Dragon*Con.
  7. That’s not Santa in “Return to Oz.” That’s the Shaggy Man.

After This Episode

Watch this Doom Metal Tribute to The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus!

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