Month: December 2018

Christmas Creeps 76: Cobra

New Year’s Eve is St. Sylvester’s Day, which is all the excuse we need to watch another Sylvester Stallone movie here on Christmas Creeps! This week, Joe & J5 kick back, enjoy some Christmas Tree flavored crisps, and examine the whole “Is Die Hard a Christmas movie” debate through the lens of Stallone’s 1986 action vehicle Cobra.

Why Cobra, you ask? Because it just happens to take place around the holidays, and is exactly the movie people are thinking of when they say Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie. Join us as we dig into what separates these two films, as well as how strange and oh-so-very ’80s Cobra is in its own right.


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Christmas Creeps 75: Team America: World Police

Merry Christmas, one and all! We finally made it to the big day, and it’s time to take a break. Here on Christmas Creeps, we celebrate “July at Christmas”, the one time of year we allow ourselves to talk about something obnoxiously jingoistic and patriotic. This year we’re discussing Team America: World Police! 2004 was a crazy time, partly because we used to think Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s puppet comedy was actually a scathing political satire, and not just an angry screed at celebrities they don’t like. Look, it was a simpler time, as horrifying as that is to imagine…

Also on this episode, we talk about SantaCon 2018, Parker & Stone’s short lived TV series That’s My Bush, and whether or not E.T. could defeat Santa in hand-to-hand combat.

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Tinsel Tunes: Santa Claus is Coming to Town

It’s Christmas Eve, and Santa comes tonight. So this episode is the perfect time to hear about the Song Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

Merry Christmas

Advent Calendar House: Christmas Eve on Sesame Street

Big Bird worries Santa’s unfit for skinny little chimneys, and Mr. Hooper spends Hanukkah saving Christmas. Guests: Erin Evans, Joey O.

Weird Christmas: Weird Christmas Flash Fiction (Contest winners)

1st prize: “He is Coming to Town” by Douglas Jensen

2nd prize: “The Loss Not Found” by Sherry Morris

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order):

  • “Holly Jolly Christmas” by Barbara Tarkowksa
  • “Relief Santa” by Nycki Blatchley
  • “Christmas Wishes” by Angelle McDougall
  • “The Pooped Elf” by Benito Cereno
  • “Aglow” by September Herrin
  • “Oh Holey Night” by Kelsey Hontz
  • “The Stars Over Casper, Texas” by S.E. Casey
  • “Waiting for Santa” by Linda Raedisch
  • “Christmas Fair” by Michelle Christophorou
  • “The Hamrammr” by Jan Kaneen

You can read the stories at the post on my website here.

Thanks to Old Man Freakboy (@OldManFreakboy) from “Hey You Kids Get Off My Lawn!” Please please please go listen to this year’s (2018) holiday special show here. It’s listening greatness.

Thanks as well to Brian Earl (@XmasPastPodcast) from Christmas Past for helping out last minute to narrate a story for me. Like I said, I owe you a favor. And everyone else owes themselves a favor by listening to this year’s episodes.

Intro music: “Santa Claus is a Monster” by Jeff Hershey and the Heartbeats.

Check out the Christmas Podcast Network for more Christmas podcasts. This time, I gave a shout out to Christmas Creeps.

Weird Christmas: The Old Magic of Christmas with Linda Raedisch

I talk to author Linda Raedisch about all kinds of old European and pagan legends that circulate this time of year around solestice and Yule in addition to the standard Christmas stories.

Linda Raedisch‘s book The Old Magic of Christmas: Yuletide Traditions for the Darkest Days of the Year is a wonderful collection of stories, legends, and lore about the Christmas season that we don’t normally hear. Each chapter is organized around a different cluster of stories like elves, witches, reindeer, ghosts, etc.

You can get the full show notes here.

Advent Calendar House: Pee-wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special

Lots of screaming, lots of fruitcake, and lots more screaming! Guests: Erin Evans, Lindy Kempe, Joey O.

Advent Calendar House: Mickey’s Twice Upon a Christmas

Disney’s Fab Five (and Daisy, who’s somehow less important than the dog) enter the 3rd dimension. Guests: Drew Crowley, John Dedeke.