Christmas Podcast Network Crossover / Season 2 Teaser

It’s time to dust off the cobwebs and get the Advent Calendar House ready for Season 2, featuring a new episode every day from December 1 through Christmas Eve, 2018.

In between commercial teasers for all 24 episodes coming in Season 2 — though not necessarily in order — the members of the all-new Christmas Podcast Network share stories of Christmas music traditions.

On This Episode

  1. it me, Mike Westfall (@fallwestmike), featuring my bad impression of my 4-year-old self doing a worse impression of Miss Piggy.
  2. Brian Earl of the Christmas Past Podcast!
  3. Tim Babb of Can’t Wait for Christmas!
  4. Craig Kringle of Weird Christmas!
  5. Duane Bailey of Tinsel Tunes!
  6. Joseph Wade of Christmas Creeps, with Libby Cudmore!
  7. Anthony Caruso, Julia Colburn, and Thom Crowe of Tis the Podcast!
  8. It’s a ’90s Christmas Podcast!
  9. Deck the Hallmark!
  10. HallMark and Jess!
  11. My personal gratitude that there are 2 podcasts in this network dedicated to watching Hallmark movies so I don’t have to start!

You can visit the Advent Calendar House on the web at and on Twitter @adventcalhouse.

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