Month: October 2018

WC #10 Christmalloween (or How I Mixed Up My Holidays)

BOO! It’s a surprise Weird Christmas podcast all about Halloween! Also available at all your favorite podcast places.

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Christmas Past: Bonus Episode! Christmas Past goes as Tis the Podcast for Halloween

Happy Halloween! This year, Christmas Past is masquerading as Tis the Podcast,
“the podcast dedicated to keeping the Christmas Spirit alive 365 days a
year.” In this special bonus crossover episode, I join Julia and
Anthony to review the 1984 made-for-TV movie version of A Christmas Carol. What better way to combine Christmas and Halloween than with one of the world’s most popular ghost stories!

Speaking of which, there’s a long history of Christmas ghost stories,
but not many of them remain popular (or even well known) today. But my
friends at Tis the Podcast are doing their own Halloween crossover
episode where they masquerade as yours truly. You’ll definitely want to
hear them give the Christmas Past treatment to this very interesting
topic. So subscribe to Tis the Podcast wherever you get your podcasts to
join in on the fun!

Music from this episode

Turning — Blue Dot Sessions, via Free Music Archive

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Christmas Creeps-Silent Night Deadly Night 2

Home For The Horrordays continues this week, as Karyn-5 returns to discuss one of the most notoriously terrible slasher films ever made: Silent Night Deadly Night 2! While the original is a fairly straightforward little slasher film, the sequel cranks things to 11 with a half hour of needless flashbacks and one of the most baffling lead performances ever committed to film. But as we discover, that’s exactly what makes the film so damn entertaining!

Also on this episode: We discover a universe in which Two & A Half Men is the greatest TV show ever made, and we plead with the WWE for a big budget remake.


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Deck the Hallmark: Christmas At Pemberley Manor

The boys review the first movie of the season – Christmas At Pemberley Manor! Join us ALL SEASON LONG!

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Tis the Podcast: You Fudging Touch Me Again, I’ll Fudging Kill You!

Happy Halloween, Christmas fanatics! Spooky month draws to a close this week, as the elves discuss Season 3, Episode 8 of the television show, Supernatural, entitled “A Very Supernatural Christmas”! Joining their conversation is special guest Joanna Wilson, of amongst many other things. Much like the Winchesters’ classic 1967 Chevy Impala takes them to many unexpected places, talking about the brothers’ hunt for an “Anti-Claus” this week steers the discussion to down many different, lively avenues as well – from The X-Files to Fruitcake to The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy to Rankin/Bass’ different versions of Santa Claus. Also revealed this week are the foreign Christmas traditions that the elves would like to see make their way over to America. So settle in with your favorite holiday beverage, relax, and enjoy this episode; it’s definitely one you do not want to miss! Also, get excited, because next week we kick off two straight months of Christmas Classics!

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Tinsel Tunes: New Music for the 2018 Season

In this episode, I’ll go through some of the new music being released for the 2018 Christmas season

I’ll also ask if you guys, as followers, want to be called something special.
I’ll introduce a new segment to showcase other Christmas music.
You’ll find out my top 5 new release songs for this season

Can’t Wait for Christmas – Christmas vs Halloween

On this episode, the two mightiest end of year holidays go head to head as we compare and contrast Halloween and Christmas. You’ll also learn about a new twist on a snickerdoodle recipe, hear a countdown of 5 great ways to add a personal touch to your ornaments, get Tim’s hot take on the possible return of Toys R Us, and hear the latest synopsis of a new tv movie with ALl the Halmarks of a Great Christmas Movie.

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HallMark & Jess: Under the Autumn Moon

If you’re like us and liked Rocky Mountain Christmas, then this movie is for you! We’re talking Halloween costumes and the best way to show your partner affection. Tune in!

Deck the Hallmark: Christmas 2018 KICKOFF (Feat. Jen Lilley)

It’s finally here! The boys talk about the movies they’re excited for, intrigued by, and the ones they’re dreading.

Jen Lilley also joins the boys to talk about her upcoming movie, Mingle All The Way. Check out her new single here –


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It’s a 90’s Christmas Podcast: The Munsters’ Scary Little Christmas (1996)

On this episode Lyle and Lasse watched the 1996 TV movie special The Munsters’ Scary Little Christmas. This was a fun special, much better than the X-Files episode but watching paint dry would probably be more entertaining than that. Enjoy the show!