Frosty the Snowman

Happy birthday! The first episode of the Advent Calendar House attempts to answer questions no one asked about the 1969 Rankin/Bass TV special, Frosty the Snowman.

On This Episode

  1. Mike Westfall (@fallwestmike), excitable train station ticket booth clerk.
  2. Brandon Medley (@brandmed), an evil magician’s reformed pet rabbit from Blessed Are the Geek.

Topics and Tangents

  1. How to easily escape a locked greenhouse.
  2. When does something you throw away stop legally being yours?
  3. Oatmeal is a perfectly adorable name for a snowman.
  4. Frosty Day in Armonk, New York.
  5. A closer look at the absurdly long and zigzagged train route to the North Pole.
  6. How long it would actually take to write, “I am very sorry for what I did to Frosty,” a million times.
  7. The stupidest places we’ve ever been dropped off.

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