Weird Christmas

Hosted ByCraig Kringle

Christmas is weird. It used to be even weirder. This is proof.

Christmas is weird. It used to be even weirder. This is proof.

I started collecting vintage Victorian Christmas cards years ago and sharing them with friends online, and the whole thing exploded. This site began with a tumblr blog (, but there were stories to tell about those images, and Tumblr’s not the best for text. So here we are.

Then I decided I didn’t enjoy having free time, so I started a podcast.

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Weird Christmas: The Old Magic of Christmas with Linda Raedisch

I talk to author Linda Raedisch about all kinds of old European and pagan legends that circulate this time of year around solestice and Yule in addition to the...

Weird Christmas: Victorian Ghost Stories and “The Kit Bag”

Andy Williams says that there’ll be scary ghost stories along with tales of the glories of Christmases long, long ago. I think most people guess he’s just talking about...

Weird Christmas: Xmas Comics with Benito Cereno

Benito Cereno is a comic book writer, Christmas author, and fount of knowledge. He shares suggestions for unusual Christmas reading and talks about some ambitious Christmas fiction projects. Get...

WC #10 Christmalloween (or How I Mixed Up My Holidays)

BOO! It’s a surprise Weird Christmas podcast all about Halloween! Also available at all your favorite podcast places. If you’re interested in the Flash Fiction Contest, go here. And...