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Weird Christmas Pickles BONUS Episode

Pickles are like a bonus to your meal. You don’t order them, but you’ll take them and, sometimes, enjoy them. That’s this episode! A BONUS episode brought to you by the Christmas Podcast Network, where you can find other holiday shows than just me.

This time, Brian Earl from the Christmas Past Podcast and Tim Babb from Can’t Wait for Christmas and I talk to Richard Parks III from Richard’s Famous Food Pocast. Richard did a whole show about Christmas pickles, which meant that none of the rest of us had to!

We hope you enjoy it, and please check out the other Christmas podcasts!

Weird (Almost) Unwatchable Christmas Movies with Alonso Duralde

WC #19 (Almost) Unwatchable Christmas Movies with Alonso Duralde

Alonso Duralde’s book Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas is an excellent reference. It’s great for finding something different for your holiday movie watching. I especially love the chapter “The Worst Christmas (Movies) Ever: Lumps of Coal in Your Cinema Stocking.” So we chatted about some horrible Christmas movies and went deep into three of them:

Santa Claus (a 1959 Mexican movie that takes St. Nick in some odd directions)

  • Santa Claus (a 1959 Mexican movie that takes St. Nick in some odd directions)
  • Some of My Best Friends Are… (a 1971 flick about Christmas Eve in a gay bar which is wrong in so many wonderful ways)
  • The Magic Christmas Tree (a 1964…thing. There’s a witch and a giant. Santa sits in a chair. And a dad struggles with a lawnmower. Also, meatloaf sandwhiches.)

We also talked about our love of Mystery Science Theater 3000/Rifftrax/Cinematic Titanic and the joys of bad cinema.

Alonso is the reviews editor for The Wrap, and he also wrote 101 Must-See Movies for Gay Men.

He also hosts a few podcasts:

And don’t worry! The contest results are almost here!

Weird Christmas Elves with Linda Raedisch


WC Podcast #18: Christmas Elves with Linda Raedisch

As if writing one of my favorite books about Christmas lore (The Old Magic of Christmas: Yuletide Traditions for the Darkest Days of the Year) wasn’t enough, Linda Raedisch just came out with a book about the forgotten history of elf legends: The Lore of Old Elfland: Secrets from the Bronze Age to Middle Earth. So why not have her on the podcast again to talk about Christmas elves…a discussion that goes way beyond Santa and the North Pole.

Get her books at Amazon or Llewellyn:

The Danish anthropologist she mentioned is Peter Glob.

Some of the cards with Halloween fairies are here.

The bumper music was “I’m an Elf” (Dan Crow) and “Never Fall in Love With an Elf” (Amy Spanger).

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Weird Christmas: The Old Magic of Christmas with Linda Raedisch

I talk to author Linda Raedisch about all kinds of old European and pagan legends that circulate this time of year around solestice and Yule in addition to the standard Christmas stories.

Linda Raedisch‘s book The Old Magic of Christmas: Yuletide Traditions for the Darkest Days of the Year is a wonderful collection of stories, legends, and lore about the Christmas season that we don’t normally hear. Each chapter is organized around a different cluster of stories like elves, witches, reindeer, ghosts, etc.

You can get the full show notes here.

Weird Christmas: Victorian Ghost Stories and “The Kit Bag”

Andy Williams says that there’ll be scary ghost stories along with tales
of the glories of Christmases long, long ago. I think most people guess
he’s just talking about Dickens. But, no. It’s a thing. Or it was a
thing. A HUGE thing. In this one, I talk to Dr. Tara Moore about why the
Victorians got so into ghost stories. And I got a bunch of listeners to
help me read one, too…

You can get the full show notes here.

And check out for all your Christmas weirdness needs.

Tara Moore’s books:

Algernon Blackwood’s “The Kit Bag” (full text)

This story was first published in 1908, so it’s not Victorian. But
it’s close enough, and, like I said in the podcast, it’s hard to find
ghost stories they read at Christmas that actually mentioned…Christmas.
Go figure. But this one does. Besides, I just love Blackwood.

(And, here, if you haven’t read his story the “The Willows,” it is awe-inspiring.
It’s the kind of “weird” that Lovecraft only wished he could do. Way
better than “The Kit Bag,” to be honest, but not Christmas, not
“ghosts,” and also too long for my podcast.

And a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who read for me:

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Weird Christmas: Xmas Comics with Benito Cereno

Benito Cereno is a comic book writer, Christmas author, and fount of knowledge. He shares suggestions for unusual Christmas reading and talks about some ambitious Christmas fiction projects.

Get the full show notes here.

You can also visit for all the Christmas weirdness you can handle.

Links to everything we mentioned on the show:

Opening music by Brian Conover, “Christmas Time and Comic Book Men.”

Outro music by @MysteryMammal, from Xmas in Space.

WC #10 Christmalloween (or How I Mixed Up My Holidays)

BOO! It’s a surprise Weird Christmas podcast all about Halloween! Also available at all your favorite podcast places.

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