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Christmas Creeps 76: Cobra

New Year’s Eve is St. Sylvester’s Day, which is all the excuse we need to watch another Sylvester Stallone movie here on Christmas Creeps! This week, Joe & J5 kick back, enjoy some Christmas Tree flavored crisps, and examine the whole “Is Die Hard a Christmas movie” debate through the lens of Stallone’s 1986 action vehicle Cobra.

Why Cobra, you ask? Because it just happens to take place around the holidays, and is exactly the movie people are thinking of when they say Die Hard isn’t a Christmas movie. Join us as we dig into what separates these two films, as well as how strange and oh-so-very ’80s Cobra is in its own right.


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Christmas Creeps 75: Team America: World Police

Merry Christmas, one and all! We finally made it to the big day, and it’s time to take a break. Here on Christmas Creeps, we celebrate “July at Christmas”, the one time of year we allow ourselves to talk about something obnoxiously jingoistic and patriotic. This year we’re discussing Team America: World Police! 2004 was a crazy time, partly because we used to think Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s puppet comedy was actually a scathing political satire, and not just an angry screed at celebrities they don’t like. Look, it was a simpler time, as horrifying as that is to imagine…

Also on this episode, we talk about SantaCon 2018, Parker & Stone’s short lived TV series That’s My Bush, and whether or not E.T. could defeat Santa in hand-to-hand combat.

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Christmas Creeps: Futurama – “Xmas Story”

We’re back to kick off the holidays in style! If you’re unfamiliar with Stocking Stuffers, it’s the pint-sized sister podcast to Christmas Creeps where we discuss holiday episodes of your favorite TV shows. As opposed to our regular episodes, we try to keep these shows PG-13. Appropriate for prime time, ya know?

This week, we’re bringing you a Stocking Stuffer on Johnny-5’s favorite TV show: Futurama! Join us as Joe, J5 and Karyn discuss season two’s “Xmas Story”, in which Fry, Leela and the rest of the Planet Express crew must survive another Xmas and escape the judgmental gaze of Robot Santa! Also in this episode, we learn about the pronunciation of “Xmas”, why a particular parrot sounds so much like a monkey, and how Santa became an avatar for evil.


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Christmas Creeps: Eight Crazy Nights

Happy Hanukkah to everyone celebrating this week, and please accept our sincerest apologies for taking the opportunity to discuss an Adam Sandler movie. Music expert Libby Cudmore joins us this week to discuss Sandler’s first—and so far only—foray into animated holiday musicals: Eight Crazy Nights! Join us as we break the film down song by song, as well as reminisce about seeing and actually enjoying this shameless excuse for a film back in the day. Believe us, it has not aged well…

ALSO: If you enjoyed this episode and want to hear us break down MORE movie soundtracks, Joe and Libby are about to launch a podcast alllll about that! The OST Party kicks off December 20th, when they’ll be digging into the soundtracks to Clerks and Batman Forever! Follow @OSTParty on Twitter for the latest!



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