Month: April 2020

Ears, Nestor.

This week, Julia, Thom, and Anthony travel all the way back to Bethlehem, courtesy of Rankin/Bass’ 1977 classic,¬†Nestor, The Long-Eared Christmas Donkey! This Christmas special also marks the elves’ second foray into the niche genre of films that cover the Nativity Story from the point of view of an animal who was there. So is…

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A Very Meta, And Very Christmassy, Tis The Podcast April Fool’s Day!

Happy April 1st (and April Fool’s Day!), Y’all! In the most meta episode of Tis the Podcast yet, Julia, Thom, and Anthony – in more biting moods than they’ve ever been before – cover the 2017, six-and-a-half-minute short-film,¬†Christmas Spirit.¬†(Which can be found on YouTube here.) What do the elves think of this student project, created…

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