Weird Christmas

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Christmas is weird. It used to be even weirder. This is proof.

Weird Christmas: Victorian Ghost Stories and “The Kit Bag”

Andy Williams says that there’ll be scary ghost stories along with tales of the glories of Christmases long, long ago. I think most people guess he’s just talking about Dickens. But, no. It’s a thing. Or it was a thing. A HUGE thing. In this one, I talk to Dr. Tara Moore about why the Victorians got so into ghost stories. And I got a bunch of listeners to help me read one, too…

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Tara Moore’s books:

Algernon Blackwood’s “The Kit Bag” (full text)

This story was first published in 1908, so it’s not Victorian. But it’s close enough, and, like I said in the podcast, it’s hard to find ghost stories they read at Christmas that actually mentioned…Christmas. Go figure. But this one does. Besides, I just love Blackwood.

(And, here, if you haven’t read his story the “The Willows,” it is awe-inspiring. It’s the kind of “weird” that Lovecraft only wished he could do. Way better than “The Kit Bag,” to be honest, but not Christmas, not “ghosts,” and also too long for my podcast.

And a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who read for me:

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