A Muppet Family Christmas

To mark the 30th anniversary of A Muppet Family Christmas, we try to get a head count of every unexpected guest at Fozzie Bear’s mother’s farmhouse on Christmas Eve in 1987.

On This Episode

  1. Mike Westfall (@fallwestmike), excitable pig photographer.
  2. Carlin Trammel (@nerdlunch) of the Nerd Lunch and Dragonfly Ripple podcasts.

Topics and Tangents

  1. We try and pick up the pieces cut from the DVD release over music rights.
  2. The dizzying continuity issues surrounding the Muppet Babies.
  3. Can you say “OshKosh B’gosh”?
  4. A milk commercial and the most forward-thinking bullies in history.
  5. Osvaldo el Gruñón, Oscar the Grouch’s Puerto Rican counterpart.
  6. Parting words from the guy with the beard doing the dishes.

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